A Volunteer Co-ordinator/supervisor will be allocated for each show. They will have the responsibility of recruiting volunteers, and agreeing their suitability for the role/activity available.

The Co-ordinator will arrange, in liaison with the Event Co-ordinator, the activities to be provided at the event, location within the venue, general activity running and resource requirements.

The Volunteer Co-ordinator will be responsible for creating and managing the event volunteer activity rota. This must include time for adequate breaks for volunteers – morning lunch and tea breaks. The Co-ordinator may request exhibitors fill in for short periods to help facilitate this to enable this to happen as a last resort if there are insufficient volunteers.

If despite all efforts, cover cannot be arranged, then one of the activities must be suspended temporarily. If a volunteer chooses not to utilise the breaks offered, this is their own choice, and other volunteers must not feel they have to do likewise.

A minimum number of two volunteers/others must supervise each activity at all times. Not only is this to ensure the activity can function adequately, but to assist with information provision should a person makes any complaint in relation to an activity or a volunteer running an activity.

The volunteer co-ordinator will either not be exhibiting, in order that they are available at all times to assist and support volunteers and activities, or will arrange a nominated other person to fulfil the Volunteer Co-ordinator role at the show.


At the venue, the Volunteer Co-ordinator will give volunteers a briefing. This is to include:-

  • Venue safety
  • Fire exits, appliances, first aid location, emergency meeting points, point out relevant venue staff, and contacts.
  • Activity Safety
  • Highlight any general safety issues eg slip hazards
  • Highlight specific activity related risks according to that activity’s risk assessment.
  • Introduce them to any venue staff they might need to contact in the course of their activities.
  • Activities and Rota
  • Provide the rota for the activities of the show.
  • Demonstrate each activity to all volunteers
  • Show volunteers where break facilities are eg where to obtain refreshments, toilets etc

Show Activities

As we run a number of Lego based activities, supervised by volunteers, we will allocate a minimum of two volunteers per activity, to provide some degree of protection in terms of anyone at events making accusations volunteers have behaved inappropriately. If a volunteer has any concerns regarding the welfare of anyone, be it member, volunteer or general public, they are to report their concerns to the volunteer co-ordinator immediately.

Note – volunteers to be advised drinks are not to be carried around the venue, unless they are in a cup/mug with a lid or bottle with lid, or sealed can, to avoid risks of injury to others eg from being bumped into and hot liquid burning someone, or wet floor from spills of drinks. Hot food is not to be carried around a venue, unless it is in a sealed container eg food storage tub, takeaway box. It must be consumed in the break room/designated area.

First Aid

Volunteers will be notified of who to contact at the venue should there be a first aid incident, and if appropriate, where any first aid items might be located.

This policy will be reviewed every two years or earlier if appropriate.

Date policy created: 8.2.2021
Agreed by and signatories:-
Chair: R Carter
Secretary: Mim Porter
Date of next review: November 2022

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