This is under review due to changes in our constitution.

This statement exists to ensure that Brick Alley Lego User Group has a procedure to ensure that the organisation can do it's best to protect vulnerable children and adults it may have contact with from abuse. Safeguarding is the responsibility of all people, be it members of formal organisations, or the general public.

Safeguarding means protecting a vulnerable child or adult’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. This is whether it is a group member, volunteer, or person we come into contact with during our group’s activities.


Child – Anyone under 18.

Vulnerable Adult – Someone who has needs for care and support, who is experiencing, or at risk of, abuse or neglect and as a result of their care needs – is unable to protect themselves.

If a member/volunteer with Brick Alley Lego User group is under 18, they must attend all activities, meetings and shows with a parent/guardian/responsible adult over 18, as per membership criteria.

Members/volunteers responsibilities

It is hoped that no-one has to raise any concerns about another persons well-being, but we do need to ensure there is a way for members and volunteers to do this if a concern arises.

In some situations such as an emergency, or an immediate risk of harm, or a criminal activity, then it would be appropriate to immediately contact emergency services, as any member of the public would do. The incident can be reported to the designated/other committee member after the emergency has been dealt with. In a non emergency situation where a member/volunteer has concerns regarding a child or vulnerable adult as defined, please raise the issue with the designated/other committee member as soon as possible The matter should not be discussed with other members or volunteers.

No member or volunteer should assume that someone else will pass on information which may be critical to the safety and well-being of a child or vulnerable adult. A written record will be made by Brick Alley Lego User Group of concerns raised. These will be reported to the relevant local authority who have the safeguarding responsibility for the area the person lives in where appropriate.

At Show venues

At formal shows which are put on in liaison with the venue, the main safeguarding responsibility will lie with the venue. This will mean alerting concerns to staff at the venue. It is required that the concern is also reported to the designated/other committee member.

Protecting members and volunteers

If Brick Alley Lego User Group becomes aware a person requesting membership is barred from working with children/vulnerable adults, we will not be able to offer them membership. If it becomes known a person is already in the group who is barred from working with children/vulnerable adults, we will cancel membership with immediate effect.

Brick Alley Lego User will be breaking the law by knowingly permitting such persons membership or volunteering opportunities.

If we dismiss a member or volunteer because they have harmed a child or vulnerable adult, or would have done so if they had not left, we must make referral to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). This is required by law.


All specific Lego activities are to have a minimum number of two people per activity in order that volunteers and members are less at risk of an individual claiming they have been inappropriate in relation to a child/vulnerable adult.
There will be a nominated volunteer co-ordinator to support the volunteers at all times during an event. If a volunteer has any concerns regarding the welfare of anyone, be it member, volunteer or general public, they are to report their concerns to the volunteer co-ordinator immediately.

This statement will be reviewed every two years, or earlier if appropriate.

Chair: R Carter
Secretary: Mim Porter
Date policy agreed 8.2.2021
Review date: November 2022

Designated Lead: Mim Porter

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