Risk assessment

This document is to highlight areas of risk it is believed may exist in relation to the activities of Brick Alley LEGO User Group. It outlines precautions that may be taken in order to reduced any risks that the group is aware of. It is recognised that it is impossible to eliminate all risks, and this document is just highlighting risk areas to be aware of and actions that will assist in mitigation against such risks. It is expected that all members take reasonable to care in relation to theirs, and others, safety while engaging in the groups activities eg meetings, shows.

Slipping on LEGO bricks/parts

Ask that members pick up bricks that end up on the floor. At shows notices will be displayed requesting the public using bricks do likewise.

Swallowing bricks/parts

It is appreciated that at times young persons/children may do this. Show notices to be visible requesting bricks are not put in mouths, and that parents are responsible for their children while participating in activities.

Activities are supervised with volunteers who will be made aware of this potential and to look out for this happening. They will ask the person to stop.

Infection control with bricks/parts

Any LEGO used by the group will be washed in between meetings and shows. Children will be asked not to sit in the brick pit.

Spilling coffee/tea

Exhibitors and volunteers must use a cup/mug/bottle/pop can with lid to try and prevent spills of hot liquid to reduce the likelihood of burns to others from hot liquid, or slips from liquid on the floor. Any spills must be wiped up immediately.

Food safety

Food for exhibitors, volunteers and traders must be supplied by an organisation/person holding a basic food safety certificate. Hot food must not be carried within a venue by anyone, unless it is in a suitable sealed container eg flask, takeaway container. This is to avoid spillage onto others or the floor. Hot food must be consumed in the break room/designated area.

Tripping over objects such as tables, chairs.
During meetings members are expected to take reasonable care to avoid placing items where they may be a hazard to others.

Show layouts are to take into account potential for creating hazards and consider this in the placement and layout of exhibits. Exhibitors, volunteers and traders will be requested to store items under their table, or safely behind them.


Hazards in terms of accessing venues, safety within the venue, and emergency exits and procedures will be highlighted to members, exhibitors, traders, and volunteers by the venue staff, or other responsible persons.

If other risk areas become apparent this document will be updated as required.

Agreed 8.2.2021
Review: As required according to changes in activities/areas of risk. No later than November 2022

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