Brick Alley collaborative LEGO town park models

Brick Alley Park collaborative project 2023

The Brick Alley town collaborative project for 2023 is the Brick Alley Park.

The aim is to display the park alongside last year’s terraced shops at Shildon Brick Show 2023 (18 – 19 November 2023) and Discovery Brick Show (4 – 5 May 2024).

Each contributing member will build a module for our park on a 32×32 baseplate, with outer pavements, a wall, and an inner path connecting each module together. Instructions for the modules and various styles of fences, walls and hedges are included below.

Andrew “Jack” Horner is coordinating this display for both Shildon and Discovery.

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To ensure a good spread of ideas and prevent duplication, we have a list of ideas to build. Some are collaborative, and will probably need 2 or more members to work together. If you just want to build flowers and trees, that’s fine too!

  • A duck pond with a duck house
  • A water fountain
  • A statue or war memorial
  • Bandstand
  • Coffee hut with outside seating
  • An aviary
  • An ice cream hut or van
  • Formal gardens
  • A vegetable garden
  • A miniature village
  • A greenhouse or orangery for exotic plants

Collaborative modules

We suggest two or more members work together on the following modules:

  • A boating lake
  • A hedge maze
  • Playground – slides, swings, roundabouts, sand pits…
  • A BMX stunt track
  • Skate park
  • Crazy golf course
  • A miniature railway ride for minifigures (it doesn’t have to work!)

Module styles & standards

To ensure the park looks great when put together, please keep to the below styles:

  • The baseplate itself should be bright green (new green)
  • The outer pavement is light bluish grey with a white kerb
  • The outer walls of the park should be medium nougat
  • Railings can be any design, but please keep them black
  • Paths inside the park should be dark tan – don’t forget to leave studs to stick minifigures down to!
  • You can leave plates or jumper plates in the light grey pavement around the park to stick figures to if you like

The remaining space is yours to do whatever you like with! Remember your modules will connect with another module, so nothing can overhang the edges of your baseplate at any height.


Brick Alley Park module - straight module with hedges Brick Alley Park module - corner with hedges

There is quite a lot of flexibility in how you approach the path inside the park for the corner modules – as long as the paths both sides are joined to the entrance/exit, you can go wild!


Brick Alley Park module - straight module with railings
Brick Alley Park module - corner module with railings

 Iron fences

Brick Alley Park module - straight module with iron fences

Instructions & parts lists

You can use the instructions to build your modules below. Many parts can be swapped under the pavement if you don’t have them handy!

The instructions have rendered the baseplate oddly – we’ll try and fix that soon!

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