Shildon Brick Show 2023 – LEGO show in North East England

Shildon Brick Show - LEGO model exhibition in North East England at Locomotion Museum

26 November 2023

On behalf of the organisers – Richard, Tris and Jules – and the Brick Alley committee, we’d like to extend our thanks to the exhibitors, volunteers, traders, Locomotion museum staff and volunteers, and all visitors who made a very enjoyable weekend of LEGO fun at Shildon Brick Show 2023.

There have been some excellent videos on YouTube from the show which showcase many of the models on display. One of our favourites was from ZooBricks:

A special thank you to LEGO themselves who provided the Minecraft Steve figure and giant LEGO car model for display for the weekend too!

Best MOC 2023

We award a best MOC (My Own Creation – a custom built model, rather than one built from official LEGO instructions) trophy each year at the show, as voted for by the exhibitors.

This year, LNUR’s collaborative display won Best MOC at Shildon Brick Show 2023. LNUR are a LEGO train club with members across the England and Scotland, and the scenery was from contributions of 3 members – Lewis, Richard, and Shane.

Their display included a model of the Locomotion museum the show itself is hosted in, with its very own miniature Shildon Brick Show, plus a new 3m long station model based on a real life station on the Great Central Railway.

LNUR LEGO model railway display - best model at Shildon Brick Show 2023

Best minifigure art

Shildon Brick Show hosted our collaborative LEGO tapestry project again, and this year’s theme was Minifigures, and club members were encouraged to build their favourite LEGO minifigure as a mosaic this year.

We awarded a best minifigure art trophy based on votes from our membership, and Jules’ brilliant Chicken Suit Guy won the award this year.

Shildon Brick Show 2023 - best minifigure tapestry art - Chicken Suit Guy LEGO art

Best park 

The Brick Alley town made another appearance at the show, featuring an all-new collaborative park.

Members were asked to build a section for the park and left to decide what they would build. From an impressive greenhouse by Jack to a brilliant playground by Tony, an elegant folly by John L and a superb miniature village by Simon B, the final award went to Steve McLean’s allotments.

LEGO park model by Steve McLean at Shildon Brick Show 2023

Reddest MOC

We like to award a silly trophy for something random that exhibitors can’t predict each year. Last year we had a “Furthest Travelled” award for the exhibitor who had travelled the most miles to come to Shildon Brick Show, which went to Levi who journeyed an incredible 313 miles from the south coast to display at Shildon.

Shildon Brick Show’s silly award this year was for the “reddest MOC” – the model with the most red in it. This proved to be very tricky to judge, and it was eventually decided that Andy Larkum’s London Underground scene contained the most red at the show, with a red London bus, red DLR train, a red viaduct, and a dark red building all crammed on to his lively display on a single table.   

Reddest MOC - the model with the most red LEGO bricks at Shildon Brick Show 2023

Our next events

Our next public event will be the smaller but charming Thirsk Brick Show (Saturday 10th February 2024), a one day event in North Yorkshire in aid of Holy Rood House, followed by Discovery Brick Show (4th – 5th May 2024) in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Shildon Brick Show 2024 will follow in November 2024.

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