Exhibitor tokens – appreciating model builders at a LEGO fan exhibition

Exhibitor LEGO model tokens at Shildon Brick Show 2023

14 December 2023

Now the magic – and chaos! – of Shildon Brick Show has died down for another year, we can look back at something new we introduced for exhibitors this year: exhibitor tokens!

Earlier this year, we spotted an article about exhibitor tokens on an Australian LEGO fan’s blog, and decided to give it a try at Shildon Brick Show 2023.

What is an exhibitor token?

An exhibitor token is a small LEGO model or element created to giveaway to other exhibitors at a LEGO event or exhibition as an appreciation of their models. These can then be given to exhibitors face-to-face, or left on – or behind their displays – if you’re feeling shy.

Part of our reasoning for adding exhibitor tokens to our event this year was that we host a “best MOC” (My Own Creation – custom model) voted for by exhibitors. From around 60 – 70 exhibitors, this leaves quite a number of builders who aren’t recognised for their (also excellent) LEGO model building skills, so tokens gave “power to the people” to support the builders they loved and “share the love”.

We’ve listed some ideas here if you are looking to use exhibitor tokens at your own event, based on our own experience:

  • Keep it small! Even small tokens are appreciated – they don’t have to be huge
  • Make it meaningful – use something that means something to you as a LEGO fan – a Star Wars lightsabre if you love Star Wars, a small animal build if you love LEGO animals…
  • Many exhibitors found they didn’t have enough tokens, and wished they’d brought more! 10 – 20 tokens per exhibitors seems like a sensible number for an event of Shildon’s size.

We found the experience positive overall, as every builder received at least a handful of tokens as appreciation of their model or display.

Examples of exhibitor tokens

Below are many examples of exhibitor tokens received by builders at Shildon Brick Show this year:

Exhibitor LEGO model tokens at Shildon Brick Show 2023

As you can see, the tokens vary considerably in style, size and type here, including:

  • A DUPLO and LEGO system brick signed by the AFOL themselves
  • A Star Wars droid holding a heart
  • A golden anvil
  • A golden trophy (handy as these have been on LEGO’s Pick A Brick walls recently)
  • A red heart plate
  • A 3D printed baby figure
  • A brick built bird
  • A brick built flower

Do let us know if you use exhibitor tokens at your event!

Photographs with thanks to Tiina Gray and Chris Fearn.

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