Brick Alley welcomes new LEGO fan member Jill

4 September 2020

We’re happy to welcome another new member to Brick Alley LEGO User Group, recently – Jill!

Hi Jill – tell us about yourself?

“I’m Jill MacDonald from Sunderland, and I’m a Purchasing Manager by day.“

Why did you join Brick Alley LEGO User Group?

“(I joined Brick Alley LEGO User Group) to meet other people in the area who love Lego!”

“How it appeals to all ages and how it’s always a talking point when you tell people you’re a Lego building adult.”

What’s your favourite LEGO set?

“Purely because it comes with a baby Voldemort, it has to be the Rise of Voldemort set!“

Rise or Voldemort Harry Potter LEGO set

What are you planning to build next?

“Hopefully Diagon Alley but more than likely to be either The Burrow or the Astronomy Tower (do you sense a theme?!).”

Just a hint of a love for Harry Potter LEGO there!

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