BAH 2020

Bricks At Home 2020 ran on Saturday 25th July – Sunday 26th July 2020.

This is an archive of sessions we recorded for YouTube. Videos were recorded live, so expect some technical issues and lower quality video in parts due to connection issues!

Saturday 25th July 2020

Today’s presenter: Editor at Brick Fanatics and Deputy Editor at Blocks Magazine, Graham Hancock brings the LEGO hobby to AFOLs around the world. He is always interviewing fans about their incredible creations and loves hearing about the many different ways that people engage with the brick. A life-long LEGO devotee himself, his childhood favourite theme is LEGO Pirates and was delighted by the recent LEGO Ideas set, 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay.

Session 1 – Weird & Wonderful

    • Andy Back (Brick Alley) – Rock Raiders
  • Alan Hargreaves (Brick Alley) – Jurassic Park MOC – Alan’s ever-growing Jurassic Park display
  • Mark & Judi Kraska (Northern Brickworks) – Fairground – minifig scale rides, all motorised plus supporting attractions!
  • Matt Kirby (Brick Alley) – MOC Eisley – a custom model of Mos Eisley from the Star Wars universe

Session 2 – LEGO Space, Classic Space & Star Wars

AFOLs talk to our Bricks At Home presenter about their classic space, neoclassic space and other intergalactic creations.

  • Matt Bailey (Brick Alley) – Classic Space mosaic – a look behind a classic space themed build with a twist (pre-recorded video)
  • Ben Smith (Brickish) – 928 Galaxy Explorer reimagined
  • Daniel Jarvis (Brickish) – Two special models for the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back

Session 3 – LEGO Technic & GBC

AFOLs talk to our Bricks At Home presenter Graham about their Technic and GBC (Great Ball Contraption) builds.

  • Alex Threlfall (GertLUG) – Technic brick separator – a 2m long conveyor to sort bricks by size automatically
  • Ashley McKenna (Brick Alley) – My GBC Loop – a collection of Great Ball Contraption modules
  • Duncan Bridges (Brickish) – My GBC – including a huge loop of other designers’ modules, and custom-built themed GBC modules, with light features and much more!

Session 4 – Vintage & Remastered LEGO sets

AFOLs talk to our Bricks At Home presenter Graham about their vintage LEGO builds.

  • Simon Blackburn (Northern Brickworks) – A history of the 1970s in LEGO bricks
  • Chris Wellings (Brick Alley) – Ninjago Movie Destiny’s Bounty – an upscaled designed modified from the set
  • Nick Spence (Brick Alley) – Harley Davidson 10269 – “I didn’t like the colour or look of the Lego Harley Davidson 10269 , so have remodelled and “repainted” the one Mrs S bought for me.”

Sunday 26th July 2020

Today’s presenters: Richard (aka Bricks McGee), and chair of Brick Alley LEGO User Group, and Caz of London AFOLs, also known as Blockhead UK on YouTube.

Session 1 – Weird & Wonderful LEGO Models

AFOLs talk to our Bricks At Home presenter about their models:

  • Caz Mockett (London AFOLs) – Custom Ninjago City, covering ~30 baseplates in area
  • Tristen Coad (Brick Alley) – Heartlake City MOC – an update on my LEGO Friends city.
  • Frankie McCarthy (Brickshire) – LEGO Hobbit Mirkwood Forest MOC – “I’m Frankie and I’m a 16 year old TFOL and I’ve been building Mocs for six years now. So far Mirkwood has taken me four weeks and over fifty hours to build.”
  • Gary Smith (Brick Central) – Hogwarts House Crest 3D mosaic signed by actors and filmmakers

Session 2 – LEGO Trains

AFOLs talk to our Bricks At Home presenter Richard – and chair of LNUR (LEGO Northern UK Railway) about their LEGO train builds.

  • Richard Carter (Brick Alley / LNUR) – Ambridge & Paxley LEGO Railway – an 18ft long end-to-end LEGO railway display, and Darrington LEGO Railway, a 10ft x 10ft LEGO railway display
  • Will Elliott (Brick Alley / LNUR) – My lockdown LEGO railway builds
  • Andy Walker & Skegga (Brickish) – Brickton on Sea seaside railway display – 20ft long with trains and monorails.
  • Stuart Jones (Brickish) – Romsey & Halterworth L-Gauge Railway – Winner of “Best Interactive Display” at Reading Brick Show 2019, this display features working signals and points, and operates like a real-life railway.

Presentation by Dan Harris of Brick To The Past

Piecing Together Our History: How To Build Historical LEGO Models

Dan Harris of Brick To The Past, who builds historically themed LEGO models on an epic scale, talks about how to carry out research for building historically themed LEGO models that are as true to their source as possible.

Session 3 – Weird & Wonderful LEGO Models

AFOLs talk to our Bricks At Home presenter Caz about their models:

  • Ian Blair (Brick Alley) –  A collection of mobile cranes – including a Sarens SGC120 crane, a minifigure scale model of this awesome crane, with a base of almost 1m across.
  • Dylan Kane & Frankie McCarthy (Brickshire) – LEGO City music festival MOC

Session 4 – LEGO Cities & Towns

AFOLs talk to our Bricks At Home presenter Caz about their models:

  • Nick Amos (GertLUG) – Dad’s Escape is a 6ft x 6ft LEGO lake!
  • Joby Reeve (Brickish) – Large 4 storey house, garden and garage MOC
  • Andrew Horner (Brick Alley) – Modular LEGO City with railway and monorail

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